The firm

Founded in 1980 by Attorney Fernando Pepe, Pepe & Associati Law Firm has followed a path of continuous growth, developing and asserting itself in the complex and multi-formed reality of Milan. The city’s DNA is profoundly ingrained in the law firm, which currently is one of its most successful brands.
Labour law is the anchor of the law firm, an area in which the firm boasts a long history and deep knowledge in assisting companies, initially linked only to the founder, recognized expert in the field, and is currently organized into a department coordinated by partner Attorney Valentina Pepe.
Over time, the firm was able to emerge in the legal and financial community due to its strong skills acquired in other areas of practice, particularly in legal assistance to companies, growing from single-owner firm to multi-practice boutique.
Structured as a company, today the law firm counts on a staff of 3 partners and numerous associates, in addition to the partnership with primary law firms throughout Italy and internationally.
Specifically, Pepe & Associati has built important links with Canadian institutions, representatives of companies and business that make it the ideal partner in internationalization processes of companies interested in those markets.
Today, Pepe & Associati Law Firm is a reference point for leading businesses in the large scale distribution and retail sector, maintaining its supremacy in business consulting in the labour law area.
Speed of response and capacity to offer effective solutions, mixed with a personal approach, as in a truly traditional law firm, are the key values of the success of the Studio.
Pepe & Associati collaborates closely and continuously with qualified Law Firms operating in the administrative law sector (extrajudicial and dispute consultancy), criminal law and tax law, specialising in service to the companies in these sectors.